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An Vy


My name is An Vy and I am 8 years old. I am a pupil at Nghia Tan Primary School. I live in Ha Noi – capital of Viet Nam.

Since I was child, my mom usually bought a couple of Ao Dai for both of us. We were really excited when we wear the same Ao Dai with same design and color. Ao Dai is usually in red and we wear mostly them in the Lunar New Year. We also wear Ao Dai when we go to a birthday party or a wedding party. We really love Ao Dai as it suits both of us.

Yearly, I receive second hand clothes from my mom’s colleagues. In exchange, I also give my unused clothes to other girls.

This year, with the help of other friends, we prepare 20 used Ao Dai for Toucher Art’s Project.

We hope that someone who will receive our Ao Dai will love it and have a chance to go to Viet Nam one day to meet us.

Welcome to Viet Nam!

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