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Mrs. Đinh Thu Hong

As an Asian American, a Vietnamese woman, wearing an Áo Dài in America, I feel a sense of pride in showcasing my cultural heritage and identity. I also feel a bit self-conscious, knowing that my cultural identity is unique and special. This is so important since America is a beautiful mosaic of various people and cultures. We are Asians, but Áo Dài is different from kimono or hanbok or batik or sari. They are all beautiful in their own way.

In addition, wearing Áo Dài is one of many ways for me to feel connected to my roots and to honor my cultural traditions. One of the traditions in my family is wearing Áo Dài to visit a pagoda during the first day of Tết or lunar new year. The Áo Dài is a beautiful and elegant garment that is often also worn for other special occasions such as weddings and ceremonies.

Last but not least, apart from making the wearer feel feminine and graceful, wearing Áo Dài can also serve as a conversation starter or a way to educate others about Vietnamese culture. In my workplace, which is an elementary school in the US, my Vietnamese students and I always wear Áo Dài on special occasions such as international night or Asian heritage festivals.

The experience of wearing an Áo Dài in America can be both empowering and glamoring.

If this story resonates deeply with your heart, please join us in extending a helping hand to the vulnerable orphans and disabled children in Vietnam through the donation link here .


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