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Hi! My name is Trieu Man. I’m 11 years old and from Vietnam. Have you ever worn Ao Dai? I have worn Ao Dai four times. I usually wore Ao Dai on special occasions, like the Tet holiday. Vietnamese people usually wear Ao Dai on special occasions because Ao Dai is Vietnam’s traditional clothing.

Vietnamese women usually wear Ao Dai on special days, like the Tet holiday, a universal wedding, and many more. When you wear Ao Dai, I’m sure you will feel confident and pretty in that wonderful clothing. Ao Dai Vietnam was created hundreds of years ago. I feel delighted and important just to wear Ao Dai. Whenever I wear Ao Dai with my mom or my grandmother, I feel really important.

I feel that I have a piece of Vietnam attached to me. Ao Dai is essential to Vietnamese people. People who wear Ao Dai on important days show that they’re respectful and respect that day. Ao Dai is really special to me!


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