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Do Tuyet Bang Tam

As a Vietnamese living in France, I always want to share the experience of Vietnamese culture here.

Currently working as a lecturer, I have chosen to wear Ao Dai to school during the week of the Lunar New Year. I spent about the first 15 minutes of each class during this week introducing to my students the customs and habits of the Vietnamese people on Tet holiday. I also let the teachers and the students in my school draw lucky red envelopes. My Ao Dai received many compliments as well as questions about Vietnam. A Portuguese teacher also fondly described me in Ao Dai as "un nuage volant" - "a flying cloud".

I feel so proud when I put on the Ao Dai, as if I brought the whole country with me. On top of that, I am extremely happy to have introduced the national identity to international friends here.

If this story resonates deeply with your heart, please join us in extending a helping hand to the vulnerable orphans and disabled children in Vietnam through the donation link here .

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