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Hong Anh

Hello everyone,

My name is Hong Anh and I'm 8 years old. Have you ever worn Ao Dai? If you ask me this question, my answer is yes. I usually wear it on Tet holiday because Ao Dai is Vietnam’s traditional clothes. We have had this folk costume for over 200 years. Vietnamese people wear Ao Dai on special occasions such as Tet holiday, Teacher’s day, Vietnam women’s day or even when you graduate from your university.

I have worn an Ao Dai four times in my life. The happiest memory is when I was on stage in my school’s Tet fair. That day I wore a recycled Ao Dai to perform on the stage. This was the first time I had performed on stage alone. At first, I felt very scared and worried that I couldn’t do it. But this Ao Dai was very pretty and meaningful because it was made from my mom’s used raincoat. It was light pink clothes and the pants were blue. It had my school’s logo on it. I felt proud of the Ao Dai I wore. So I was determined to try my best. When it was my turn, I stepped out from backstage. The crowd was speechless. But when I finished the performance, the crowd clapped loudly. I was very happy because I had finished my very first performance in a good way. So, this Ao Dai is so special to me.

That is my story about my Ao dai. And what about you?

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