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Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Hang

I have a collection of ao dai in my wardrobe. Every year, I would go to an Ao Dai garment shop to sew a new set for myself, reserved for special occasions and photo shoots. The ao dai has a unique design that brings out the feminine and elegant side of anyone who wears it, no matter their shape or age.

Out of all the ao dai that I own, there is one that I wore only once in my lifetime. It was a beautiful, ocean blue ao dai with intricate lily patterns embroidered around the collar and down the hem. I had it custom-made by a famous designer in Hanoi for my daughter's wedding in 2009, a momentous day that will forever be etched in my memory.

That ao dai witnessed the joy and tears of that day, as I held my precious daughter in my arms and watched her start her own family. It was a fulfillment of a mother's happiness, one that I believe every mother can relate to.

Today, I want to give this ao dai as a special gift to a French woman who loves Vietnamese culture. I hope that when you wear this ao dai, it will bring you as much joy and fulfillment as it did for me on that special day.

If this story resonates deeply with your heart, please join us in extending a helping hand to the vulnerable orphans and disabled children in Vietnam through the donation link here .

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