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Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Lien

I really enjoy wearing Ao Dai. Usually, I wear áo dài on important occasions like Lunar New Year or diplomatic events. When I wear Ao Dai, I feel confident and dignified!

I really love wearing áo dài. I usually wear Ao Dai on important occasions like festivals, Lunar New Year, or diplomatic events. When I wear Ao Dai, I feel confident and dignified. Currently, I work for a large Singaporean corporation in Vietnam, so I sometimes get to participate in major diplomatic events. If I could relive a memorable moment, I wouldn't miss the two proud events I had in my Ao Daii. The first memory is when President Halimah Yacob of Singapore visited Vietnam in October 2022. And the unforgettable second memory is when Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited Singapore in February this year to promote cooperation between the two countries.

My friends and relatives always praise me for looking graceful in the traditional Ao Dai. If I received a coin for every compliment, I would probably become a millionaire.

I bought an Ao Dai set before Lunar New Year, and I really want to buy more if I find a set that suits me. For those who rarely wear Ao Dai, I encourage them to try renting one to experience it. They might look beautiful and decide to get their own set.

When wearing Vietnamese Ao Dai, the image of traditional beauty and Vietnamese culture always comes to mind. I am proud to have the opportunity to introduce this beauty to my international friends. Ao Dai gives me a feeling of being a part of Vietnam's history and culture, and every time I wear it, I feel connected to the origins and traditions of my country.

Throughout my 14 years living abroad, I have always tried to maintain Vietnamese culture within my small family. One of the simple yet effective ways is through cuisine. I always encourage my children to eat Vietnamese dishes instead of just Western food. Luckily, they all enjoy it, and we often cook traditional Vietnamese meals together. At the same time, I also encourage my children to speak Vietnamese instead of just using English. We often have conversations and tell stories in Vietnamese to preserve and pass on the language and culture to the next generation.

With love and pride for Vietnamese culture, I hope to always uphold and pass on this culture to future generations, so that our traditional beauty will continue to shine.

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