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Phan Trang Anh

My name is Phan Trang Anh and I am 13 years old. Ao Dai is the traditional clothing of Vietnam and can be represented with different types of patterns, colors and styles worn by both men and women. We wear them on many occasions like the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) or any other formal events. Ao Dai symbolizes the love and pride we have for Vietnam and our deepest respect towards its community.

I have worn them on a lot of different occasions starting from a young age. The first time I wore an Ao Dai was when I was 5 years old in Malaysia at school when we had to wear our traditional clothing. The split tunic was bright pink with a lot of golden patterns and the silk trousers were white. I love wearing Ao Dai because of its elegance and it shows we respect Vietnam. Recently at a Vietnamese event, I performed whilst wearing an Ao Dai that was red with flowery patterns . It was an incredible experience since I was able to perform in front of people whilst wearing Ao Dai that looked lovely. The dress made me feel unique and more confident to perform. I have a lot more stories to share about Ao Dai. But I would like to hear yours!

If this story resonates deeply with your heart, please join us in extending a helping hand to the vulnerable orphans and disabled children in Vietnam through the donation link here .


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