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en Rêve

The photo series by young artist Thao Nguyên, capturing the splendid images of the city of Hôian, in Central Vietnam, where we found harmony between the new and the old, between modern values and traditional characteristics of Vietnam.

I remember it was a cloudy day and the storm was on its way, so that was why my original photos were quite somber.

But all of these couldn't stop me from showing the splendid city of Hoian of my dream in my photos.

I added colors...

These souvenirs are all easily discovered on the streets of Hoi An, adding colour to this idyllic town.

Each of these items transforms into a piece of art which incorporates aspects of Hoi An cultural heritage. 

This vivid image is no longer a surprise to Hoi An locals.

All of this craftsmanship has begun

to embrace this town's style of life



 merging in with the atmosphere of

the city and developing into a

significant component of Hoi An.

Hoi An, known as the "city of lanterns", has always been filled with these vibrant lanterns, which are on display in local stores and blend in with daily life to create an alive scene without eclipsing the city's nostalgic aura.

Visitors may readily recognize these masks, which are hand-drawn by residents of Hoi An and add colour to the town's ambiance, as they stroll through the streets.

Hình A3 (8).png

 It appears like these masks have become a part of the city, flawlessly blending in.

The brooch I discovered in Hoi An has an undeniable grace and spectacular appearance, especially considering that the sole time I had the opportunity to witness someone wearing such was in movies.



It makes me wonder in what situations people might use a brooch, and how wonderful it is to view it with my own eyes.

Hình A3 (11).jpg

The view of two Westerners riding a bicycle and beginning to adapt the Vietnamese way of life is one of the most fascinating aspects of the trip to Hoi An.

Xe Đạp.png

The bicycle represents a means of cultural interaction, expressing the town's residents' ease, chastity, and joy.

Hình A3 (12).jpg

Finding these water puppets on the streets of Hoi An was unexpected, yet they also gave off the wonderful impression that one might discover numerous facets of Vietnamese cultural identity.

Rối gỗ.png

The unique, comical, and highly symbolic forms of these puppets gave the scenario a unique quality that made it memorable and brought up images of Vietnamese culture for those watching.

Hình A3 (13).jpg

These colourful pop up cards being found in Hoi An carry in them all of the beauty of the world - landscapes, historical sites, one-of-a-kind treasure - taking the tourists on a trip through time and space.

Hình A3 (20).jpg

Hoi An has a very distinctive beauty when it is raining.

Hình A3 (22).jpg
Hình A3 (21).jpg

People may view a calm and tranquil Hoi An and experience the solace of the rain on their journey to explore the city as the bustle seems to slow down and give way to nostalgia. 

The stalls selling Hoi An specialties with multi-language signs have become an indispensable part of people's daily lives, becoming a place of cultural interference, creating a signature for the street food culture here.

After the rain, the historic district resumed its regular activities, becoming crowded with visitors having the fun of their lives while riding the cyclo, a characteristic aspect of Vietnamese culture, across the city.

The lotus blooms, which reflect the attractiveness of Vietnamese ladies, can be found on every street corner, and Hoi An is no exception.

Simple yet gorgeous blossoms appear to add colour to this village, making life feel so chaste and tranquil.

Hoi An - a mixture of cultural interference and the peaceful life of the people - returns to the daily rhythm of life after the rain stops falling.

The bustle mixed with the peaceful look, filled with the sound of buying and selling, excited conversation for a busy day.

Despite ages, nationalities or genders, Hoi An is the city for everyone to live the time of their lives.

As it is a cross-cultural area, everyone has their own style of enjoying things and having fun for themselves...

...making Hoi An more and more diversified each day while yet retaining its traditional characteristics.

The weather was far from ideal at the time this photograph was shot. It takes a lot of editing until it becomes a beloved work, when Hoi An's foggy sky becomes part of the reminiscence, giving spectators an aura of peace that is impossible to convey in words.

Even the rain could not disturb the peaceful life of the locals on the water.

The chatter of the ferrymen combined with the excitement of the tourists on the riverbed trip creates an interesting scene of Hoi An on the water and imbued with the identity of this city.

Although it appears to be a fairly commonplace corner of the home that we see everywhere, there are a series of eye-catching art signs here that are written in different languages, presenting a contrast to images of everyday life.

A bicycle with a particularly unique shape gave spectators a sense of being both odd and familiar



as if it were a unique work of art rather than a typical object of the locals.

The artists appear to have poured their entire heart, meticulousness, and care into each step of crafting these flowers, despite the fact that they are merely finished products by the roadside.

They put forth a lot of effort to make a livelihood, yet in the city of dreams, their hard work has produced magnificent pieces of art.

The daily life of Hoi An goes on.

The tourists, the hard-working locals, the sound of children playing, and the sound of chattering, all combine to create a very bustling but also very idyllic atmosphere of Hoi An, making visitors feel like they have finally found the inner peace of home.

A little mistake in the photographing process resulted in the image of the lantern in the night, which caught the ethereal ambiguity of Hoi An at night.

The colorfulness of lantern light contrasts with the quiet night, making Hoi An become unreal, dreamy and brilliant. 

This is also the inspiration for naming the series, showing viewers what a city of dreams is.

en Rêve

The splendour of Hoi An lanterns is nothing new, but they take on an extra charm at night. In the midst of the night, the lanterns are the only source of light, creating a poetic image that stirs people's emotions, especially in this town.

The inhabitants carried on with their busy lives despite the lack of light.

 The night market became a draw to Hoi An, leading visitors on a journey through the night to see the wonders of Vietnamese culture in the dim light.

This salon gives off a familiar sensation that grabs the attention of anybody passing by, much like walking into an 80s movie, marked the end of my journey.

With a homely aspect, this salon is also furnished with multilingual signage, demonstrating Hoi An's cross-cultural spirit and the mixing of old and new generations.


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